I (Viljami Virta) started to sell used golf balls when i was 14. First sets were only couple hundreds. I washed balls in our sauna with my own hands and towels. 

The idea i got when i scrolled one Finnish marketplace and then i saw that someone was selling dirty golf balls. Amount was then 500 balls if i remember right. Then i washed the balls and sorted them and sold them on Facebook. 

And in 2018 spring i decided to make a company of this so that is how Boordigolf started. Amounts started to grow to thousands of balls. In 2017 i sold probably 20 000 balls. In 2018 the amount was around 60 000 balls and 200 000 balls in 2019. 


Our golf balls are lake balls. Balls will be cleaned very well with different machines and chemicals after divers have picked balls up. Then sorting starts and balls will be sorted to over 100 different sets. All sets are not available unfortunately all the time on online store. 

I also started to design Boordigolf golf products to sell in 2020. Plan is the sell millions of golf balls every year and at the same time grow big and get a nice famous brand!