What is Boordigolf?

Read our story from here. We sell mainly golf lake balls and try expand range of our products according to our best. We try offer cheapest lake balls in the market. Remember follow us in social medias which ones you find from below! 

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Do playing with used golf balls harm your game?

One test showed that playing with lake balls doesn´t harm your game. Read that article from here . Pluggedingolf made a test of that and players didn´t see any differences. Tests made like eyes closed putting, chipping and doing full swings. Players didn't know that did they have a new or lost golf ball. 

Some balls which have been in of water years have not changed at all. Used golf balls are excellent choice for golfers and those are much cheaper than new golf balls. 

Someones say that lake ball drying takes at least 2 years. I don´t believe that and it would not harm your game. 

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